About Truly Aesthetic

Truly Aesthetic Bath Affirmations

Truly Aesthetic is a beauty and lifestyle concept with a core focus on creating mindful experiences for your everyday bathing and self care rituals. Holistically inclined and scientifically inspired, Truly Aesthetic products
capture the beauty of science and the healing power of nature to evoke the connection of your mind, body and spirit. Truly Aesthetic has been featured in beautiful press such as Women's Health, Nylon, Wohnrevue, C California Style and more!

Truly Aesthetic Assorted Bath Affirmations Bath Tub

It is important to remember that self-care is an act of mindfulness that’s required for a well balanced life. Taking a simple warm bath and reading a positive affirmation can change your outlook in such a profound way. Truly Aesthetic does just that by creating products that promote the elevation of self-care and intentional happiness within you.

Truly Aesthetic handcrafted bath salts

Truly Aesthetic strives to create products that are:

  • Natural, Authentic and Mindful
  • Free from synthetic ingredients and artificial preservatives
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Made with superior ingredients that are organic, wild harvested and ecologically sustainable

Truly Aesthetic Bath Affirmations handcrafted luxury

Each product is handcrafted with superb detail, made from an eco-friendly design standpoint and packaged with the intention to exude luxury. All ingredients are hand selected with care and each formula is created using scientific precision to ensure that you enjoy the same classic mindful experience over and over again. For your everyday self care rituals, Truly Aesthetic makes the ordinary extraordinary!



About The Founder

Shari Sweeney, Creator and Owner of Truly Aesthetic 

Hi! I’m Shari Sweeney, the founder, maker and creative director of Truly Aesthetic. I earned my degree in Biological Sciences from North Carolina State University and I had the pleasure of a diverse career in scientific research for nearly a decade in the fields of Molecular Biology, Immunology and Virology. I’ve always balanced the duality of being naturally creative and scientifically tactile, so the act of designing and performing experiments always gave me a true sense of joy. It was during my time in research that I began to fully understand the types of chemicals that are in most of our beauty products. These findings helped me to redirect my thoughts on what we are putting on our skin as well as how it inevitably affects us at a cellular level.

Truly Aesthetic Floral Roses Rose Buds

Also during this time, holistic living became a core focus in my life. I became fascinated with aromatherapy and natural ingredients such as herbs and essential oils. I also began practicing holistic modalities such as reading positive affirmations, meditation and setting life intentions. The connection of the mind, body and spirit are key factors in our overall wellness and I knew that I wanted to make a difference not only in my own life but also in the lives of others. My scientific experience along with my knowledge and implementation of holistic modalities came together in perfect unison to create Truly Aesthetic.

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My purpose is to create beautiful experiences and share them with the world!

With most elements in my life, I naturally create mindful experiences for those I care for and my beautiful products are a true reflection of my personal ethos. I’m the incisive photographer and stylist for Truly Aesthetic and I have a devout love for amazing food and mindful living. It is my hope that you enjoy Truly Aesthetic products as much as I enjoy creating these classic gifts of intention for you to share!

Mindfully Yours,

Shari :)